Introduction To Worm Composting
How to start worm composting and be successful every time - free workshop
Looking for compost worms or bait worms in Far North Queensland?
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Improve Your Worm Compost
How to recover a wet and mucky worm farm - free workshop
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Grow bigger healthier plants and tastier food crops with
vermicompost, nature's 'black gold' organic fertiliser.

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Introduction To Worm Composting
Saturday morning 17th February 2024

Improve Your Worm Compost
Saturday afternoon 17th February 2024

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“The 3 Most Common Worm Composting Mistakes”
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Composting Worms

We supply composting worms  and fishing bait worms locally in the Atherton Tablelands.

Recycle your kitchen scraps and garden waste with your worms to make the very best fertiliser.. It’s easy, fast and fun.


Learn how to successfully compost with worms and produce your own steady supply of high quality worm castings.

Upgrade your skills in our
free workshops.

The Worm Course

Join our private Community of of skilled worm composters and home food growers.
The Worm Course is the live learning experience that makes you expert in keeping worms and producing lots of premium vermicompost.

Keep all your organic waste out of the landfill and instead
make it into Black Gold for your plants!

Compost worms will eat your kitchen scraps, your paper and cardboard waste,
your garden waste and will polish off unfinished traditional compost.
Turning it all into the best fertiliser that exists.

There is an entire, life-sustaining universe in the soil beneath your feet
that even our best science simply cannot replicate.

Nature’s own system of managing soil health, plant growth and pests & disease has kept Earth flourishing for a very long time. Recently developed and commercially available fertilisers and pesticides are causing increasing damage to our soils and if we don’t return to a regenerative approach to growing our food, we will soon have no food security either on the worldwide scale or in our own gardens.

There really is a universe in the soil, a symbiotic and nutrient cycling relationship between billions of small, tiny and microscopic critters, a relationship that is the foundation of all life on Earth. We CAN grow more food, bigger plants, and healthier crops now by working with Nature’s already perfected processes.

And it’s easy to begin now. Making and using worm compost is not only fast (takes 12 weeks) and straightforward (just add your kitchen scraps), it can have a huge positive impact on soil health in a very short time. Even if you don’t grow anything, you can still recycle your kitchen scraps through a worm composting system and add the finished worm castings to your lawn or give them to a friend who gardens.

The time has come for a regenerative approach to the use and care of the soils in our own back yards. Every one of us can do this by recycling our food waste in a worm composting system then adding the finished castings to the soil.

Have a look through our Atherton Tablelands supply of composting worms here.

Register for the Introductory live online workshop here and learn how to have a healthy and productive worm compost. all the time, and how to easily harvest your castings every 3 months.

Explore the details of the live group learning experience and true revolution in worm composting: The Worm Course here. Join our growing community of people around Australia producing regular bounties of perfect worm castings and growing huge harvests of organic, healthy, tasty home grown food.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy People
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Make Better Compost Faster
& Feed The Soil Not The Landfill

My Friend’s Compost
Atherton Tablelands, Queensland.

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