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Our Values

We believe that building and regenerating the soils in our own back yards through worm composting is one of the most useful, relevant and transforming things – and one of the easiest – that you and I can do right now to make a real and positive difference in the health of our gardens and local environments, now, and for the future.

When we build a worm compost, or indeed any compost, we become a functional and necessary member of a massive surge of life that happens. Take a moment to really think about that.
Warning: having a world view from this vantage point may cause consciousness expansion, stress reduction and life changing insights. Hold your worms gently.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make significant positive impacts on the health of soils in back yards and home gardens by supplying worm composting knowledge and skills and compost worms to community members of all ages thereby increasing awareness and good stewardship of the universe in the soil beneath our feet and helping to secure a clean, abundant, healthy food future for everyone.

We would like to see 5 million active, healthy, principle-driven worm composts at homes and back yards all across Australia.

Our Story

In the beginning, we just wanted to make really good compost.

We were in the midst of developing a food garden to feed our household and we were schooling ourselves up how to improve our soil.

Using compost worms to quickly turn our food scraps and garden trimmings into ready-to-use compost became the obvious answer to “how will we grow plenty of clean organic food as soon as possible without using commercial soil additives or buying lots of compost in.”

Worm composting was obvious for a few reasons. One, worm composting is fast, it takes about 12 weeks and we wanted to get our own food growing asap. Two, we were struggling to master hot composting and knew we’d still be waiting up to 6 months once we did actually work out how to get hot composts going. And three, we knew that we could not only closely control the makeup of our worm castings because of the closed-loop environment but we could very easily tweak and adjust what went in to the worm bin to effect the quality of the castings that came out.

As time moved on, we discovered a few rather powerful principles:

– there is a universe in the soil beneath our feet
and it’s teeming with life, cycling nutrients through microbes and worms, and we CAN contribute regeneratively

– treat the whole garden like it’s a worm farm
contribute to that universe by making and applying compost, and
keep all soil covered all the time

– worm farming is a stress reducer
yes, it’s true!

Well one thing led to another and our desire to compost with worms in our one little bin grew into love and respect for the huge benefits to soil health, plant health and people’s health, of large scale vermiculture (farming worms) and vermicast (worm poop).

And along the way My Friend’s Compost was born.

Now we breed and raise many thousands of worms. We grow Red Wigglers, European Nightcrawlers and  African Nightcrawlers. These are all composting worms and the Nightcrawlers also make great fishing bait. (The bait part can feel a little sad sometimes because we really do love our worms.)

We run The Worm Course multiple times each year and we have our growing Worm Course Community of others who are now skilled with expert-level worm composting and who enjoy the peaceful and grounding world of their worm tubs.

Our worm farm was established in 2021 and is located in Far North Queensland. As we continue to grow and expand, we are looking forward to getting setup to have visitors to our worm farm and building a dedicated space where we can host on-site workshops and all kinds of related gatherings for interest groups in our community.

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Make Better Compost Faster
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My Friend’s Compost
Atherton Tablelands, Queensland.

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