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The Worm Composting Success 4 Step Framework

Nothing about any of the steps in this framework is complicated. Once we understand the principles behind what’s happening in there and what we are supposed to be doing with it, it’s hard to not be successful with it. Isn’t that good!

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How To Make REAL Worm Tea

If you did this every 2 to 4 weeks over a growing season, you’ll have a much bigger and better result. Whether that’s a bigger harvest of food, or winning a rose competition, or recovering a struggling piece of lawn.

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How To Make Top Quality Worm Bedding

This precomposting process starts the decomposition of the ingredients before the worms get in there, and makes it very inviting and homely for the worms due to all the microbes that the heating creates in this compost.

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5 Reasons To Never Use A Tiered Worm Farm.

Over and over and over I’ve seen tiered worm farms that are in such bad condition – I’m talking about the contents, not the plastic build – that the worms are struggling to survive.

Imagine if it was a truckfull of sheep. There’d be hell to pay if we let the sheep live in such poor conditions that they eventually died out. Why is it ok that this happens with compost worms?

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Is Composting With Worms The Next Big Thing For Healing?

We can look at the worm compost from our level of existence. I am this size, they are much smaller. I ate the whole apple in 5 minutes, they’ll take days to eat just the core. And from this level, we’ll miss the rest. We’ll still get the benefit of the castings in the garden if we follow through, but we wont realise what else can be gained.

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Taking Holidays When You’ve Got Worms

The principle in action is something like: When we add food to the worm compost, the microbes eat the food and the worms eat the microbes and therefore if there is no food going in, at some point there will be no microbes for the worms to eat.

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An Update For Spring Of 2023

“From what I’ve seen over the last couple of years, once home food gardeners know about all the benefits of a worm compost and they understand the 3 critical factors of success, they take to it like worms to a watermelon!”

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Join hundreds of home gardeners reading  Letters From The Worm Compost each Sunday morning to improve their worm composting skills and food growing results.

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