Improve Your Worm Compost

Learn How To Recover A Wet & Mucky Worm Farm 
To Achieve Perfect Worm Castings 
So You Can Enjoy Your Worm Compost Again

? Is your worm compost

~ sticky and mucky
~ low on worms but high on bugs
~ smelling like rotting food instead of like a forest floor
~ loaded with food scraps that are taking forever to become usable compost
~ no longer the happy & interesting thing it once was
~ an ongoing challenge you don’t quite know how to resolve

This isn’t the condition a worm farm is supposed to be in.

I bet it’s not the outcome you pictured when you first setup your worm compost
 and added your new worm buddies.

Are you..

~ wondering how to improve your worm compost?
~ no longer enjoying getting your hands in there?
~ feeling a little worried about whether the worms are OK or not?
~ unsure what the actual end result of the worm compost should be and how to know when you’ve got it?

Take this workshop and learn how to

Improve Your Worm Compost

And Get Back On Track To Achieving Perfect Finished Vermicompost

Bring your worm compost from this...

worm compost fail
fix wet worm compost

To this!

finished perfect vermicomposti
successful worm composting
perfect worm castings
In this workshop you’ll learn:

~ the 4 main reasons worm composts become over-wet 
~ the 3 main ways to fix an over-wet worm compost
~ how to prevent it happening again in the future
~ how to end up with light, airy, perfect vermicompost

And everyone who comes to the workshop:

has the option of “hot seating” with me where you can explain the particular issues in your worm compost and together we’ll work out a custom “Fix It Plan for you.

If you prefer to come along and just listen, you’ll still get a clearer understanding of how to fix your worm compost by hearing other people’s sticky situations and the plans we develop to bring their worm composts back to happy healthy environments.

Improve Your Worm Compost – Online Workshop

Next workshop date TBA

This workshop is free to attend

my friend's compost
worm composting guide free

Hello friend!

I’m Val and I care to see every worm compost be successful. 

If you want to get your worm compost in better condition but don’t know how, then I’m super looking forward to meeting you in this workshop and helping you make the adjustments needed to turn it into something that always is pleasant to handle and easy to harvest 🙂 

Improve Your Worm Compost – Online Workshop
Next workshop date TBA

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