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Gift Cards

Wonderful! You bought 1 and got 2 free!

Please use the form below the Gift Card image to enter the names you want on the Gift Cards.

The Gift Cards will be emailed to you as both pdf’s and as images.
Instructions on how to give the Gift Cards is included in the email.

Allow up to 24 hours to receive the email with the Gift Cards as this is a manual process at our end.

Please add weare@myfriendscompost.com to your contacts 
to ensure you receive this email to your inbox.


A reminder of what the gift cards look like (example names and code used)

TWC card example

Please Note
If one of these Gift Cards is for yourself, simply put your name in one of the “Name of” fields of the form. And you’ll need to go through the process of joining The Worm Course & Community exactly like your giftees will.
The simple instructions on how to do this are in the email that is coming with your Gift Cards.

Names to be shown on the Gift Cards