Worm Composting Essentials

Online Course

Learn How To Have Lots Of Fat Happy Worms
And Endless Perfect Worm Castings For Your Garden.

In this short worm composting course
you’ll discover the most important factors to success:

1. How to set up your worm compost the right way;
~ failure to do this can end the process before it’s even begun..
~ whereas setting up properly protects the worms, makes the entire process easier, and ensures a better end result.

2. How to feed and care for your worms correctly;
~ incorrect feeding is THE #1 most common mistake that ruins the compost and kills the worms..
~ whereas correct feeding and good “worm husbandry” ensures super productive worms and non stop castings.

3. Why and how to maintain the proper moisture level;
~  too much moisture wrecks the whole worm composting system even when it might seem to look fine..
~ whereas the proper moisture level means the worms are safe and the end result is perfect worm castings ready to easily use in your garden. 

Worm Compost Active

buy organic womr compost queensland australia

Worm Compost Finished

perfect worm castings
With this course you will:
What you get:

Save Money. Get Top Quality Fertiliser For Free.
And Grow More, Bigger, Healthier Veggies.

This quick and to the point worm composting course is right for you if:
compost worm breeder expert

Hello friend! 

I’m Val and my little walk-of-life is My Friend’s Compost where everything I do is about helping you make better compost faster with worms.

As a compost worm breeder, a worm composting educator and Australia’s go-to expert in worm composting for home gardeners, I would love to show you the essentials of worm composting so you can have earths best fertiliser for free forever.

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