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Worm Composting Workshops

We bring our hands-on Worm Composting Workshop to your group. *

Learn how to keep a healthy and functional worm farm
and how to produce and use your own high quality worm castings
at one of our fun and interactive ‘Wormshops’ at your location.

“The Amazing Value of Worm Composting – and How To Do It Successfully”

Book a ‘Wormshop’ for your group of between 5 and 20 participants to learn all about composting with worms and producing the high quality organic soil amendment and fertiliser commonly known as Black Gold.

You’ll learn how to:

  • set up a simple worm composting system (system and worms are supplied)
  • correctly care for the worms
  • recognise any problems early, troubleshoot, and make adjustments
  • harvest your own high quality worm castings
  • use the worm castings in different ways to grow bigger plants with higher yields and reduce pest and disease issues.

This beginner-friendly workshop runs for approximately 3 hours and is suitable for all ages. And we make it relevant for any kids who attend.

Each participant will take home:

  • an Easy Start worm farm
  • 500 composting worms
  • a packet of worm farm conditioner
  • a packet of worm chow
  • all the information you need to succeed
  • a new understanding of worms and soil

Workshop cost is $130 per participant. Scroll down to the Workshop Request form to book your group in.

*Available only in the Atherton Tablelands and the greater Cairns region.

If you are outside this area, you may be interested in our live, online workshops.
Click here for more information about our online workshops.

Worm Composting Workshop - Request form

Use this form to register your group’s interest in taking this workshop
and we’ll call you within 48 hours
to answer any questions and confirm the booking.

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