The Amazing Value of Worm Composting
Online Learning Session

Interactive and engaging, live, online Worm Composting workshop for your group.
How to compost with worms to produce your own
high quality worm castings for your garden, food crops and pot plants.

“As someone who is already composting with worms I found this workshop to be very informative with all the information we needed. The main learning I took from this workshop was understanding how to make and use Worm Tea. I’m looking forward to our next workshop!”

worm composting online workshops

Book a free online worm composting learning session for your group to learn all about composting with worms then producing and using the high quality organic soil amendment and fertiliser commonly known as Black Gold.

“The ‘wormshop’ was well put together and easy to follow and understand. The time for questions and answers was great and very friendly. I found the whole thing very inspiring and would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in Worm Composting. I’m keen to start composting with worms!”

“The Amazing Value of Worm Composting – and How To Do It”

Customised to your group, our live ‘Wormshops’ will teach you how to:

  • set up the right worm composting system for your situation
  • correctly care for the worms
  • recognise any problems early, troubleshoot and make adjustments
  • harvest your own high quality worm castings
  • use the worm castings in different ways to grow bigger plants with higher yields and reduce pest and disease issues

This beginner-friendly workshop runs for approximately 2 hours with time for Q&A and group discussion.

This workshop is completely free for your group, we do not charge for this workshop.

Why is it free? Because we are passionate about the value of composting with worms and the power of worm castings to make a fast, positive, natural and long lasting difference to soils and gardens everywhere.

Scroll down to the Online Workshop Request form to book your group in.

Available anywhere there is an internet connection, at the time that suits your group.

These workshops are live, they are not prerecorded. If your group already has online meeting functionality, we can use that. If not, we will organise this for you.

If your group is in the Atherton Tablelands or the greater Cairns region,
our in-person, hands-on workshops are an option for you.
Click here for more information about the in-person workshops.

Not with a group but want to attend a workshop?
Message us via our Contact page and let us know, we’ll get you into an upcoming ‘Wormshop’.

The Amazing Value of Worm Composting - Request form

Use this form to register your group’s interest in taking this learning session
and we’ll get in touch with you within 72 hours.

“I would definitely recommend this workshop, it is very informative and a good knowledgeable summary. I enjoyed learning the in’s and out’s of worm composting and now I have a beginning point in Worm Farming.”

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Make Better Compost Faster
& Feed The Soil Not The Landfill

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