Want To Make Your Own Top Quality, Organic Soil & Plant Food – For FREE?
By doing something easy that takes less than 5 minutes a week?

Watch this 13 second video.
This is a freshly harvested worm compost – it’s pure worm castings.
Nutrient dense, slow release, rich, organic fertiliser.

Alive and bursting at the seams with so much of what your garden needs
to grow more, big, healthy veges and plants.

Are you growing a food garden at home?
Are you working hard to replace the fresh food you usually buy at the supermarket with clean, organic, fresher and much cheaper food straight from your garden?

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Then you need a fertiliser solution that is effective, clean and non toxic, sustainable in your own situation and that is much cheaper than bags and bottles of commercial products.
Imagine this…
  • easily transforming your kitchen scraps and garden waste into the best organic fertiliser and soil food and never needing to buy expensive soil amendments again
  • protecting your garden from pests and disease naturally and never again using costly commercial products that can harm you and your soil
  • boosting your vege garden every season to grow food that is bigger, tastier, healthier, and even looks wonderful

Now imagine having all this for free! Season after season after season.

Worm composting is the fastest & easiest way to do this.
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food grown in worm castings compost
Most people who start a worm compost: (is this you too?)
  • Start off enthusiastically and enjoy the process of setting the worm farm up and adding their new worm buddies.
  • Get into a routine with happily adding food scraps to the worm farm.
  • Wonder if there are foods they should not be adding but don’t really know where to find the correct answers to that.
  • Begin to feel unsure if the worm compost is progressing the way it’s supposed to.
  • Start noticing other bugs and critters moving in and increasing in numbers while that original enthusiastic feeling about worm composting is slowly fading away.
  • Realise they don’t actually know how to tell what exactly is happening in the worm compost or how to know when it’s finished.
  • Begin feeling like they are gradually losing control of a once manageable process.
  • Find themselves in a bit of a groundhog day experience as they continue to add scraps, the compost continues to get wetter and messier, the bugs continue to thrive, and the worm numbers seem to be going down, while having really no clear idea on when or how to separate the worm castings out, or how to use the castings if they ever manage to get them out!

Sadly this usually results in people giving up on their worm compost
and being left with an uncomfortable feeling of failure.

worm compost gone wrong
worm compost wet and mucky
wet and sticky worm oompost
wet soggy worm compost

There is only one reason this keeps happening…
The lack of easily accessible, easy to follow, correct
“How To” knowledge.


Worm Composting Success

The Practical, Hands On, Step By Step, Self Paced Course
That Teaches You How To Worm Compost Like An Expert
& Produce Regular Bounties of Perfect Worm Castings

Worm Composting Success

What you get:

16 Modules teaching you step by step, from start to finish, to start run and harvest a healthy worm compost then use your castings in your garden.

Membership in our friendly and helpful private community of more than 50 skilled worm composters.

Weekly live Q&A call to ensure you have everything you need
to keep progressing.

24/7 access to the modules and live Q&A call recordings in your student portal.

Worm Composting Success

I gave worm composting a go a few years ago and it was a flop.
I came across Val’s course and signed up to see what I could learn to give this another go. After the second week I could see what I had done last time and what to do differently this time around.
Val is incredibly informative and patient and I ended up being so excited and passionate about worms taking this course. I have learnt how to properly care for the worms, the benefits of the full process of worm composting and how much it can benefit my garden.
I recommend this course to anyone. You also have worm friends to connect with along the way which is an added bonus! Thanks Val!

Laura, QLD

What’s the Community and how does it work?

It’s our private chat space for extra guidance and help to ensure you have everything you need as you work through the course.

Over 50 others from around Australia who went on the live learning experience or who have taken the self paced course are our friendly, active members always willing to contribute knowledge and ideas.

Extensive chat, photo and video history of everyone’s worm composts in different stages and unique setups are available for you to peruse and learn from.

Comfy and responsive space where we keep the conversation on topic so that the group is always useful, effective and relevant. 

Opportunities exist to extend your networks with others who are like minded and solutions focused, local connections and friendships are often made. 

Worm Composting Success

What’s covered in the course?

Welcome & Overview
An overview of worm composting itself, of The Worm Course, and of our private community of skilled wormers. 

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Start The Process Correctly
Setting up the farm and bedding the right way, sourcing the right worms, and getting the rhythm started.

Worm Herd Management
Managing the dynamic components and avoiding common mistake and early failure.

Identify and manage both the typical and the uncommon challenges that can happen.

Worm Breeds & Breeding
Find out how worms build & manage their population and how you can maximise numbers.

Regular Check In’s
Share, and see all the other shares, of your worm compost progress and get encouragement and customised guidance

buy organic womr compost queensland australia

Soil Health and Microbiology
Gain clarity and understanding of soil health and exactly how your worm castings are helping not only your own garden.

Harvest Preparation
Learn various methods to harvest, choose your preferred method and prepare well so that harvesting is easy.

Using Your Castings Correctly
Use your castings effectively in multiple different ways including how to make REAL worm castings tea. 

Restart The Compost 
Easily get your worms quickly settled into the next compost so that you’re on your way to your next harvest already.

By the end of the Worm Composting Success course you will:

..have the knowledge and skill to
setup and manage a worm compost like an expert.

..have completed – or be very close to completing – your first harvest
of the best quality, rich & nutritious, natural fertiliser
to feed your garden and enhance your soil,
AND be equipped and ready to make more of this
‘black gold’ over and over and over.

..have made better compost faster
than any traditional compost pile
without the pitch fork and back ache.

You will have developed priceless self-sufficiency
that will serve you for all of your gardening life.

Worm Composting Success
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I have had various types of worm farms for many years with wildly varying results eventually ending in an anaerobic smelly mass with very few worms. I fortunately came across Val’s course and WOW!
I now have a detailed understanding of how to have a healthy thriving worm farm with no bad smells.
Val’s course ranges from basic information through to the biology of worms and soils in a friendly easy paced approach. You will learn the basics of how to run a simple healthy worm farm, how to deal with problems, and how to increase the vitality of the worms, castings and worm tea to benefit your plants.
The course helps you to gain confidence through knowledge and even experiment to suit your particular situation since this will be the start of an ongoing learning experience. 
A warning though… once you see great results then it can become a little addictive. I have gone from one to three farms now 🙂

Vic, VIC

What others are saying:

Thank you so much Val for the wonderful worm composting course. We’ve loved it!
Hubby and I decided to do the course because it was a step-by-step program that we could follow along with and could fit into our very full days.
The biggest thing I’ve learned is that soil health is paramount and worm composting feeds into that so naturally and easily.
We have always buried our food scraps and now we separate out some of those goodies for the compost worms to turn into awesome compost.
Now we don’t have to buy commercially produced soil or compost and our garden is winning big time.
We’ve saved money and gained a hobby. We’ll keep this going to keep our organic garden producing great fruit and veggies. Love it!
Before this course I was totally ignorant of worm farming and the benefits of worms and their castings. I took the basic course twice and then this advanced course because I loved what Val taught about worms and I knew that the worm castings are like gold for the garden. You can have them on your own property, no costs involved once you set up your farms, which are inexpensive. Why buy fertiliser when worm castings are the best for plants. This course far exceeded my expectations!
New South Wales
I initially did Val’s mini online course through a telegram channel and enjoyed and learnt a lot just from that couple of hours so decided to delve in further and do the 14 week course.
I had been trying to worm farm for a couple of years just from watching YouTube videos but was never really confident nor successful. My castings in the bathtub worm farm were very soggy and I had no idea how to correct the problem.
I am extremely happy I embarked on this course as Val is very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging.
Throughout the course I learnt what and how to feed the worms correctly, and the different ways to harvest the castings.
Val’s teaching style was informative but simple to understand and follow; with replays and notes available for each lesson.
I now feel confident enough to continue growing, harvesting and using my worm castings on my own after completing this course.
Val was always willing to help with any questions/problems us students had. I love her warmth and enthusiasm for all things wormy and can’t recommend her and her course highly enough.
A very happy worm graduate
Michelle M
New South Wales
I learnt so much about worms, their lifecycle and anatomy.
Val’s passion for worms has rubbed off! I am so much more confident in looking after worms and maintaining a worm farm.
Val, your course is amazing 🤩 I can say that because of your course, your passion and support, I am now a worm farmer!!!
Thank you and my garden thanks you!! 🥰
New South Wales

I decided to take this course because I wanted an alternative to my outside composting bin and the time necessary to produce useable compost. A small worm farm doesn't take much space and can be kept indoors. Mine is in my spare bedroom. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting compost fast, Val knows her subject inside out, can answer any question, and covers absolutely everything you need to know about worms and composting. A most excellent course and a very friendly online atmosphere as well. I am now almost ready to use my first batch of worm castings. I would like to add that this course is for absolutely everyone. It doesn't matter if you want worm composting just for a few pots or a small garden bed - like me - or if you have acreage with a lot of vegetables for a big family.

I have learnt to have a healthy respect for worms and the benefit of having a worm farm. I have also learnt that mistakes are made but most of them can be rectified, worms are forgiving critters. I have told my friends who are interested in growing a few veggies to take this course asap. Many thanks Val, you are the best of the best.

New South Wales
I gave worm composting a go a few years ago and it was a flop. 
I came across Val's course and signed up to see what I could learn to give this another go. After the second week I could see what I had done last time and what to do differently this time around. Val is incredibly informative and patient and I ended up being so excited and passionate about worms taking this course. 
I have learnt how to properly care for the worms, the benefits of the full process of worm composting and how much it can benefit my garden. I recommend this course to anyone. You also have worm friends to connect with along the way which is an added bonus! Thanks Val!
I signed up for Val's course when I had already received my worms and started looking after them.
Things went wrong very quickly and I was feeling almost ready to give up the whole idea when luckily for me (and my worms) the course started.
Val very kindly and patiently gave me all the help I needed to transform my disaster into a very happy experience with healthy and thriving worms and at the end, the best worm compost that has been coveted by my friends and neighbours.
Val is a wonderful teacher, extremely generous with her time and sharing her knowledge and experience. She radiates joy and enthusiasm which is infectious.
On top of that she offers ongoing support after finishing the course, not only from herself but from a wonderful community on social media that she has created. If you're interested in doing worm composting, then this is the course to do!
I’ve been a passionate gardener for most of my life. I dismissed the idea of worm farms as more of a gimmicky thing for small space composting and never took a serious look at it given I use hot compost and chickens so no need to bother with the 'worm composting’.
I really had no correct persception of what a worm farm is nor any idea of worm castings or ’tea’. As a perfect example my daughter has a worm farm and thinks it is just something to add her kitchen scraps to and thinks the juice that comes out the bottom is the tea. So from my perspective the whole store-bought tiered worm farm thing that many people have bought into and then discarded is a total misconception of how to worm farm correctly which Val has exposed.
I am delighted to have been introduced to this course and I know worm composting will be an integral part of my gardening from now on….Thanks Val.
New South Wales
I moved into a house with a worm farm set up in a bath and I had no idea what to do, in searching I found Val and her course. After doing the free workshop I was convinced the course was the right option.
As I knew literally nothing about compost worms when I started, it was great that this course covered everything from the basics through to the more technical side of worm anatomy and soil biology.
This course has allowed my wife and I to expand our vegie garden and produce our own healthy produce.
Overall great content in a friendly and happy environment

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