Introduction To Worm Composting

Online Workshop

Learn How To Have Lots Of Fat Happy Worms
And Endless Perfect Vermicompost For Your Garden.

In this free online workshop you will:

my friend's compost Learn the 4 step framework that ensures you can get easy AND regular harvests of high quality soil builder and plant food without the glumpy, sticky, bug-filled mess.

my friend's compost Discover the 3 most common ways most people accidentally wreck their worm compost
without even realising it – and how you can avoid or fix these mistakes.

my friend's compost Plus get the instructions on how to properly use your harvests to get big results in your garden quickly and permanently.

And plenty of tips and tricks to make everything about worm composting
easier, more pleasant, and much more successful!

“The workshop is well put together and easy to follow and understand.
I found the whole thing very inspiring!”
Emma, NSW

The "Introduction To Worm Composting" workshop is free to attend

Saturday 4th May 2024
 10am Brisbane & Sydney / 8am Perth

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Who is this workshop for?

If you’re ready to start worm composting + you want to avoid all the mistakes + you want to be successful then this workshop is for you. 

Accidentally killed a worm compost before? Nervous to go again? This workshop is for you.

If you’re worm composting but you’re not taking finished vermicompost out every 3 months, this workshop is for you.

Is your worm compost 
-bug filled, or
-leaking liquid out the bottom?
Then this workshop is for you.

Worm Farmers
f the food you put in your worm compost is still there after 7 days, this workshop is for you.

Points we’ll cover
growing food at home

This workshop is packed with information so bring your notepad!

Introduction To Worm Composting 

Here is a freshly harvested worm compost.
It’s how a worm compost should look and feel after 3 months.

This workshop shows you how to have the same result from your worm compost.

Not sure if worm composting is right for you?

If any of these are you, then come to the workshop and learn more about it: 

4th May 2024 at 10am QLD & NSW / 8am WA

This worm composting workshop is held on zoom – the link to attend will be emailed to you.

my friend's compost
worm composting guide free

Hello friend!

I’m Val and I think worm composting is a great addition to your life 🙂

I’m looking forward to meeting you in this workshop and sharing with you the easy way to produce as much ready-to-use vermicompost as you want, all year long.

Worms Make Better Compost Faster
Introduction To Worm Composting

Saturday 4th May
10am QLD & 11am NSW / 8am WA

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